FAQ About Solar Power

This is when you are still connected to the New Zealand power grid. The excess power you generate feeds back into the grid and you get paid for it.

This can depend on many factors including...

- How much power you can use through the day when you are generating your own power.
- What your power supplier rates are: costs vs buy back rates.
- How much the power company costs increase

Typically 4 to 6 weeks from order to installation.
NZ Solar handle the applications to the network supplier and your power company supplier for you. These costs are included in our pricing.

The rain will clean the panels for you but you can also clean them with a soft brush.

Yes, if that’s the best place for them. We will discuss this with you.

Not usually. But we recommend you shop around and see what power company has the best plans and rates suited to your lifestyle.

When Micro inverters are installed, each panel has its own inverter. When a String inverter system is set up - all the panels are connected as a group.

What this means:
Micro -if any panel goes down (e.g. a leaf/shadow on the panel, etc) the rest of the system will still work.
String - if any panel goes down - the whole system goes down.

With our NZ Solar micro inverter system, you can easily monitor your system.
With Micro Inverters there is No DC current running through the house. It is converted to AC on the roof.

We offer a hot water optimiser add on with our on-grid installations. This directs any excess power generated to your hot water cylinder before exporting the rest back to the grid.

Real time visuals of how much solar power your system is producing. You can use this to decide when to run electrical appliances to maximise power savings e.g. dishwasher, washing machine, freezers etc.

With a battery you have the ability to store the energy you have generated in the day to supplement your night-time power use.
You have the reassurance of back up power if there is a power cut.
All our micro inverter systems are battery ready. If you choose not to have a battery at initial install stage, this can be added later.

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