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What Is On Grid?

You're connected to the national electricity network.

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Reward yourself, reward the environment and take the pressure off your finances. NZ Solar systems are the smart way to go!

NZ Solar uses the latest, proven technologies, e.g. microinverters. So if you’re comparing prices between solar power companies, ensure you are comparing apples with apples.

Electricity prices continue to rise in New Zealand, leaving you with rising bills that you can't control.
Solar power helps reduce this exposure by generating some or all of your own power and selling your excess electricity back to the grid.
Increasing electricity prices mean faster pay back periods for your install.

Power your home, heat your hot water, charge your electric car and bikes. We supply and install a range of EV Charges. Sell your surplus back to the grid.

NZ Solar are qualified electricians and plumbers with recognised accreditation in solar systems. This experience means we cover all aspects of your systems design and installation.

Environmentally friendly, sustainable and smart. How often do you get to do something good for the planet AND save yourself a lot of money?

These solar units can be fitted to new and existing dwellings, mess, no fuss.

PV solar panels for your residential grid-tied electricity

Some Of The Technical Bits

When Micro inverters are installed, each panel has its own inverter. When a String inverter system is set up - all the panels are connected as a group.

What this means:
Micro -if 1 panel goes down (e.g. a leaf/shadow on the panel etc) the rest of the system is still working.
String - if 1 panel goes down - the whole system goes down.

With our NZ Solar micro inverter system and checking with your monitoring system then you will be able to remedy this easily and continue to fully benefit from your panels
With Micro Inverters there is No DC current running through the house. It is converted to AC on the roof.

We offer a Hot Water Optimiser add on with our PV installations. This directs any excess power generated to your hot water cylinder before exporting the rest back to the grid.

Our monitoring app provides real time visuals of how much solar power your system is producing.
You can use this to decide when to run electrical appliances to maximise power savings e.g. your dishwasher, washing machine, freezers, etc.

With a battery you have the ability to store the energy you have generated in the day to supplement your night-time power use.
You have the reassurance of back up power if there is a power cut.
All our micro inverter systems are battery ready. If you choose not to have a battery at initial install stage, this can be added later.

How much does a solar power system for my house cost?

The cost of a solar system can vary depending on how much power you use and whether your system will have a battery. The pitch, aspect and any shading of your roof can affect the system's size as well as installation costs. There are many variables which we assess when quoting you for a system.

We would expect a basic grid-tied system to cost between $7000 and $8000.

To add a 5kw battery to that would start from $6000 - $7000.

All our systems are battery ready. The price for batteries varies depending on the size of the battery and how much power you need to store.

Monitoring and Maintenance?

You will be able to monitor the output from your solar panels.

You can download a free app for your phone to monitor and control many aspects of your solar system's performance.

This is very useful as you get used to the behavioural changes needed to maximise the use of your own generated electricity.

Behaviours such as running your dishwasher, washing machine, freezers, etc during the day, using your own solar generated electricity, rather than at night using bought in electricity.

Solar panels

Solar Hot Water

We offer a Hot Water Optimiser add on with our on-grid installations. This will direct any excess power generated to your hot water cylinder before exporting the rest back to the grid.

NZ Solar can supply and install stand alone solar hot water systems - call us to discuss your options.

NZ Solar can also carry out repairs and maintenance on most other brands of solar hot water units.

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