Solar Power For Your Business

It adds Up!

Save Money

Feed your excess power back into the grid.


Consumers Are Interested In Your Carbon Footprint.

Reduce The Impact Of Increases In Electricity Prices

While reducing your costs.

Why Use Solar Energy In My Business?

Your business can generate power and sell the excess back into the grid - so why not generate clean green energy and save on power costs?

You can mminimise the costs of your daily business energy usage by using your own self-generated power. Utilise the space on your roof to have your own solar farm, selling your excess power back to the grid.

Your initial outlay is tax deductible. Not only can you claim back your gst, you can depreciate the solar equipment.

As well as solar returning you long term savings, a lot of your customers are interested in the carbon footprint of your company.

Your use of renewable energy is seen as a positive by your customers. It demonstrates that you're seriously committed to sustainability. And you can achieve long-term savings - it's a win-win all round.

Renewable energy, better for the planet and your wallet
Commercial solar power for your business or school

What System Is Best For My Business? Should I Consider A Battery?

Can your business survive a power interruption?

We'll discuss the requirements of your business with you and recommend the best solution.

We'll look at your energy consumption, peak periods, site location and potential energy generation to assess your situation.

Your available roof space or whether a ground installation is best for your site.

We'll then discuss the optimal solar systems for you.

Monitoring and Maintenance?

You will be able to monitor the output from your solar panels.

You can download a free app for your phone to monitor and control many aspects of your solar system's performance.

This is very useful as you get used to the behavioural changes needed to maximise the use of your own generated electricity.

Solar panels

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