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While reducing your costs.

Save Money

Feed your excess power back into the grid.

What Is On Grid?

You're connected to the national electricity network


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.

Why Use NZ Solar?

NZ Solar configure design and install all manner of solar systems designed to meet your exact needs.

We are qualified electricians and plumbers with recognised accreditation in solar systems. This experience means we can cover all aspects of your systems design and installation.

An NZ Solar system will help you reduce your electricity bill by producing your own renewable solar energy. Any excess power you don’t use will be sold back to your power company (rates can vary).

NZ Solar are experts in design, installation, maintenance and monitoring for solar systems throughout the top-of-the-south. Whether you are on grid or off grid we can tailor a system to suit your needs perfectly.

We have been installing solar power to homes and businesses since 2005, and as early adopters of the systems we install in our own homes, we can speak from experience of all the benefits of having a solar system.

Solar panels

About NZ Solar

Founded by Chris Inglis in 2005 after decades of industry experience.

NZ Solar was borne of a combined desire to take an environmentally friendly approach to business and an appreciation of the growing costs of electricity.

Chris, being a family man, knows the amount of energy that can be required for a growing household.

Chris and his team know that the time has come in New Zealand where the costs involved in putting in solar water heating or a photo-voltaic system (whether grid tied or off grid) versus the electricity costs now make this option viable.

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